What's the Difference between a Virtual Tour And an Interactive 360 Panoramas ?

                    Your Virtual Tour allows users to visit your place of business from anywhere, on any device! They will gain confidence in your business and will be more likely to visit your store over your competition. They have the ability to move around your store via arrows in the tour.

But here’s how our interactive 360° tour is different & what makes them so much more valuable to you; after creating your Virtual Tour, we then place an overlay of content (including text, links, photos, videos, etc.) on top of your tour that lets you talk to & engage with prospective customers as they explore your establishment.

 We also put in a navigational menu, which directs customers to the places you want them to visit. Within a few clicks or taps of the finger, they’ll have explored your property, and now they’re that much closer to book your service.

(A Google study says people who view a tour are 2X as likely to book/visit).

Why Should I Hire A Google Trusted Photographer for My Virtual Tour ?

A Google Trusted Photographer has special Badge that allows them to access the Google servers. Panopics360 has a staffed Google Trusted Photographer and Agency, and we have the capabilities to place your virtual tour on Google, so they can be seen via the “See Inside” on your Google listing (and can help you create a Google listing if you do not have one currently).

While other photographers offering virtual tours can create great virtual tours for you, they are not able to place them on Google, so their tours will only be visible on your website or Facebook page. Because their tours aren’t associated with Google, publishing their tours does nothing for your search engine optimization (SEO) or Google Business listing.

Publishing a virtual tour with Panopics360 not only gives you great engagement & increasing traffic to your Services or products, it also helps your online marketing presence

Why Should I Get A Tour?

Interactive 360° Panoramas is a multifunctional marketing tool that creates an immersive experience for your customers, as well as increases the SEO and local online search presence of your business on Google.

It allows you to engage with your customers as they’re exploring your establishment online by the use of an overlay of text, photos, links, videos, audio, and more on top of your new virtual tour. This is a unique & modern way to Convert visitor to customer.

it will grab the attention of users immediately and increase engagement. Immersive is a cutting-edge, the 360-degree experience of your brand that customers can explore from anywhere at any time.

Google study Report about visitor engagement in the virtual tour

Tours are a very smart tool for your business – it is proven that with a tour, those aged 18-34 are 130% more likely to book/buy. With a tour, users will now spend on average 22 minutes on your website, vs. only 2 minutes. You will be seen as a trusted leader in your industry, as 67% of people want more virtual tours. All of this added engagement means more interest in your brand, which leads to higher revenues.

Where On The Internet Will You Put My Enhanced Virtual Tour ?

We will place the tour on your business’ Facebook page (with admin access or username & password) and we will also give you an embed code to easily place your tour on your website! Your tour will have its’ own URL, as well, making it easy to share on all social media platforms.

How much is the Cost of the Service ?

1.Google StreetView (4000 INR Per Point)

  1. 360° Panoramas Image
  2. Upload to Google Street view, Maps ,Google Plus Facebook ,Website Embedded
  3. JPG & Tiff File Output
  4. Tripod Removed
  5. 8K+ Resolution File
  6. Cross-Device Compatibility
  7. More in Online Visibility

2.Interactive Virtual Assistant  (10000 INR Per Point)

  1. Same Function of Google Virtual tour
  2. Virtual Reality Websites
  3. 16K+ Resolution File
  4. Walk-through
  5. Five Virtual Assistant
  6. HTML 5 files
  7. Service and Products Details
  8. More in Online Visibility

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(International Project : 20000)

What is a Point ?

Per Point Means one 360 degree Photo

Common Benefits of 360 degree Photo

  1. Min 6K+ Resolution
  2. Hide Tripod and Unwanted areas
  3. Free one Year Hosting on Our own websites links
  4. its work on all Platform (desktop, mobil or tablet)



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