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MIART (Metromed Institute Of Advanced Urology And Renal Transplantation)
This Is Kerala’s Complete Hitec Urology & Renal Transplantation Centre

Metromed international cardiac centre announces its new urology division, MIART. This is a joint venture by Kerala’s first Laser, 3D Lap and Robotic Surgeons, Dr. Hari Govind, Dr, Krishna Mohan and their team with MICC. The concept is to provide advanced and comprehensive kidney care to people of India & international patients at affordable cost.

  • Our institute’s activities encompass a unique combination of high – volume and challenging clinical cases and extensive basic and translational scientific efforts that nurtures next frontiers in our specialty.
  •  The institute provides a full range of urologic and kidney care for adults and children.
  •  Our surgeons gain valuable experience using the latest techniques, which fosters development of innovative procedures such as single – port laparoscopic and robotic surgery, urethral reconstruction, and ureteric re-implantation, HOLEP, NOTES, SCAR LESS 3-D LAP NEPHRECTOMY, RIRS, ULTRAMINIPERC, ECIRS AND SUPINE PCNL.
  •  Asia’s first DEX Robotised Laparoscopic Centre.
  • Dialysis and renal transplant ICU of international standard.
  •  This environment ultimately allows surgeons to better serve their patients by all means.
  •  Institute is an international recognised observatory centre for laser prostate surgeries, 3D Laparoscopic surgeries, & DEX Robotised Laparoscopic Training for the practicing urologists.
We are proud to announce Kerala’s only centre for laser prostate surgery on patients with anti platelets.
  • Asia’s first DEX robotic system and surgeons
  • Maximum numbers of HOLEP in a single centre
  • Maximum number of NOTES in India(Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery for female kidney donors
  • World’s first case of giant Rt. Renal Vain Aneurysm managed by 3D Laparoscopy
  • India’s first ZERO ischemic partial nephrectomy centre for renal cancer
  • India’s first Lap anatropic nephrolithotomy for Staghorn stone
  • Kerala’s first MIP XS centre for renal stone (Ultra mini perc)
  • Kerala’s first ECIRS & Supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy

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Our Project Content

  • 40 high Resolution 8K 360 degree Panoramic Image
  • Menu Navigation
  • Navigation and Direction on Road map
  • High Quality Female Voice Over
  • OT Equipment Description
  • Each section have Voice Explanation
  • 360 Degree Walk through in HTML 5
  • Mobil,Tablet and Desktop Responsible file format
  • Image and text popup
  • Google Map and Google Street View File Upload
  • Social Media (facebook 360, Google plus) upload
  • Doctor profile in 360 degree Panoramic
  • We Upload Advanced Virtual Reality Image on Social Media *

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