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The House-an introduction
A 3000 Square Feet residence with all modern amenities, sophistication and pastiche, this house is a genius loci, a dream come true for you and us. Our visuals help you understand the multitude dimensions of every inch, decorative items that can be included in it, upholstery, furniture and style for an added charisma.
The Entrance
Enter from the gate and this house reflects regionalism! The gate is synonymous with functionality and echoes one’s parametric demands. One cannot but admire the beautiful tiles in the sizeable courtyard with grass borderlines, landscaped boundaries, and a delightful medley of trees, shrubs and grass and concrete/natural stones. The alleyway covered in greenery to stroll, or relish the joys of growing up and enjoy the time spent with kids can be truly memorable. Optimum attention has been given to beautify this space. A mélange of grey and green predominantly plays a role here, heightening the charm of the vast area. Absolutely contemporary, this house infuses permaculture with functionality and the walkability of it is simply spectacular. Trust us to proffer a multidimensional view and a pastiche! With huge columns, large threshold in vibrant designs and swanky pilots, the house gets an exclusionary charm.
A lawn encompassing the space, a car porch to the left of the property and an immensely functional, marvelous portico adds to the appeal and functionality. Special note has to be taken about the flooring which reflects the décor of the house, an attractive pergola and glass covering. From wooden flooring to the ones in natural stones like marble or granite or using the vitrified tiles in vogue, comfort, convenience and ease of maintenance are what matters. The building envelopes in contemporary style and an amalgamation of attractive colours in latest patterns and coordinated designs to enhance the décor makes one can feel the warmth when entering the house. The façade in sober colours, cladding or bright paints or tiles add a classy touch and vaults in contrast hues heighten the appeal. The doors and windows as well as the threshold in wood or aluminium gives the building a spectacular makeover. With optimum care and consideration given to deconstruct every inch, massing the spaces is just a breeze!
As one enters the main building through an alluringly crafted solid Teakwood front entrance doors, the sizeable foyer space, its layout in natural granite, heightened with teakwood decorative, furniture and flaneur polished to perfection are indeed breathtaking. Lighting in varied hues encompassed in false ceiling welcomes one to explore further.
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