Extended Virtual Tour

Extended Virtual Tour (XVT) is simply we can say its a advanced version of Virtual Tour. it includes Text, Image, audio, video and weblink and more element to create a beautiful look. it will show 360 degree view with voice over and clickable content inside a bundle of  360° Panorama.it tell us a story of your services or products , we call its as Extended Virtual Tour (XVT) .its first time in India we introduce this XVT to You for expand of your business .

Case Study (Details Ipsos) by Google 

  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.
  • On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.
  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

How Extended Virtual Tour (XVT)  benefits and features helps in your business for longtime.

Retina Panorama
A crystal clear clarity of ambience environment to eyes

We Are Using DSRL Camera for Capturing 360° Panorama ,Not single Click Camera Device.  So we can bring 12K quality in every 360° Panorama and Colour Grading ,White Balance ,.etc.  So Our 360° Panorama Image is  a crystal clear clarity of your eyes.

Different Users And Camera Pixel Quality

Mobile Camera (3.5K to 4.5K) Pixel
One Click VR Camera (3.5K to 8K) Pixel
DSLR Camera (8K to 12K) Pixel
Inside Extended Virtual Tour Contents
To explainer your business Features and benefit in detailed and beautiful layout Viewed from any where, any place and any device.
  • Text Popup (Informative Contents)
  • Image Popup (Detailed Object Information)
  • Audio (Section Based Voice Over)
  • Graphics (Highlight Brand Value., Logo,Menu)
  • Video (Display Video Content ads , speech etc)
  • Weblink (Social media Connect,Website, lot more)
Interactive Communication Elements
To Connect with Your Online Visitor at that Movement.  


  • Whatsapp Direct Message, Group Forward Option
  • Enquiry Form and Booking Form
  • Automatic Message Systems
  • Direct Mail
  • Animation Text, Graphic and Character
Automatic Mode
It Reduced bounce back from Viewer  


  • Automatic Correction ,If any error in Screen View. 
  • Automatic Message Systems integrated 
  • Automatic Popup any Information by Time, section and viewer mode
Self Promotion
The file itself promote your business
  • 360° View and Section based Voice Over will help visitor to get better idea of your firm.
  • Online viewers more changes to shared the file with friends and family,So it’s Spreading.
  • An html link from your hosting space we can stop or control in any time.
  • Inside XVT file a contact link with follow you at any where with a click.
Internet Marketing
Focus on target Marketing you get result than other a Medias


  • Final Output HTML 5 Format, You Send to Social Media with support links
  • XVT file have High-User Experience and Interactive Communication. 
We Keep Our own Marketing Strategies to Promote for Extended Virtual tour,
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