Whats Opportunity in Extended Virtual Tour

Communicate your message and showing the Value what you have to offer for international  client is very difficult in present days,because all we have text, image and video..We have a Solution to solve your Extended Virtual Tour

Extended Virtual Tour Where Upload and there Benefit

Sharable Link
         You Can Send Whole File in small link to anyone from anywhere in world in Message or Social media
Marketing Assistant
         Its work as a Marketing Assistant. A file that’s Speak about each section of your firm  and showing Real visual of your firm ,and service and
         Products of Firm and booking ,Registration and purchase link inside 360° file.  its Increase Brand Awareness and its gives you credibility.
Long-Run Advertisement
         Its show your interior of firm and service and benefit of your firm ,So you can use this file until your interior is changed, you Can stand out in a saturated market.
          Put a Virtual Reality  Button on your Website and link to virtual assistant tour ,it make more trust and confidence from the customer.
Upload to Facebook360
         It increase Post Reach in Facebook. Because it is a New Advertisement Method.
Upload to Google Map & Google Street View       
         Direct 360° Visibility from Google Map
         Linked 360° Panorama in Google Server
         Its help in SEO
Upload to YouTube Virtual Reality  
         YouTube VR  with Sound And Text
         Facebook VR

Why You Need this type (360° View) Advertisement ?

  • Extended Virtual Tour is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of  Communication, Marketing and User Experience.
  • With a clear Extended Virtual Tour, you can charge what you’re worth.
  • Extended Virtual Tour leads to returning customers & referrals and increase share from your client.
  • Extended Virtual Tour your business will save you money and time in the long run.
  • Its leads to customer loyalty.
  • Extended Virtual Tour helps to attract your ideal clients.
  • Established Extended Virtual Tour will make it easier to introduce products or services.
  • Extended Virtual Tour gives you a clear strategy for moving forward.
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Maximum post Reach Online Marketing
  • A Complete 360° view Brochure for Lifetime
  • International Standard Quality in Work and Best-in-Class Features and Facilities offered Worldwide.
  • Motivate the management and employees
  • Anywhere in World at any time View
  • Extended Virtual Tour work as Business Marketing

How Extended Virtual Tour Helps in Social Media ?

  • Its Support Facebook VR and YouTube VR
  • Instagram and twitter are support by Virtual assistant link
  • Facebook VR and YouTube VR you can upload with 360° with audio file
  • Facebook VR and YouTube VR you can upload stamped text and graphic inside 360° file
  • Both help maximum post reach in social media

Three Ways We Experience 360° Contents.

  • Cardboard and Virtual Reality Headset, Insert file into Phone or VR headset
  • Mobil Phone and Tablet , Moving the Phone to view 360° Content
  • Desktop ,Scroll around to explore the scene from the 360° content

Any Business can use a Extended Virtual Tour?

  • Builders & Real Estate
  • Resort
  • Multi specialty hospital
  • Apartment
  • School
  • Universities
  • Exhibition
  • Clinic
  • GYM
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Celebration hall
  • Museums
  • Showrooms
  • Playground

How to Service cost ?

Price is Calculate in Node points
One Point means One 360° Photo (Sphere Photo)
And Node Points Details in a Project
Starting Price : 42,000 INR
(Minimum 7 Node Point Must)

Why this cost ?

Price is Calculate in points
One Point means One 360° Photo (Sphere Photo)
Detail of Capturing & Editing Panorama 
  • We Capture Panorama from DSLR Camera for perfection of Panorama Image.
  • 48 Pics join to Create a Panorama and Our Output Quality 8K -12K Panorama Image.
  • We adjust the panorama in Highlight and Shadows, field of depth, Color Grading, C Aberration.
  • Edit the Lighting and Shade Area, field of depth, Color Grading.

Detail of Rending & Promotion Plan 

  • Add Content overlay like
    • Mouse Overlay Text
    • Profile Image
    • Introduce Voice Over
    • logo and Graphic
    • Simple Navigation button or link
    • Social Media direct link
    • live messaging (whatsapp)

We Create as a Interactive 360° Branding Brochure and This file is Self Business Promoter file format.