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Tethered Virtual Reality Headset

Tethered virtual reality headsets, also known as desktop VR or PC ,VR headsets, require a constant connection to a powerful computer and often make use of external sensors or cameras to track the user’s position.This helps provide users with high-quality immersion in a virtual environment but, in return, demands a certain amount of setup space (sometimes even a dedicated room) as well as a powerful PC configuration. We detail some of these technical considerations towards the end of this article.

The Best Tethered Virtual Reality Headset 

  • Sony Play Station
  • HTC VIVE Pro
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Odyssey
  • Dell Visor
  • Acer Windows MR
  • Hp Windows MR
  • Lenovo Explorer
  • Razer HDK2

VR Headset

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