what is difference between virtual reality and Augmented reality ?

Virtual reality is an immersive experience of a space, surroundings or your business which is created through the high level VR/AR softwares by the help of 360 degree Cameras & Lenses ,and VR can be seen though VR headsets or Google Cardboard.

Augmented reality (AR) is also an immersive experience of a digital & realistic object which is virtually created in real time in your real environment or surroundings.


“ Virtual Reality is going to be an important technology, I am pretty sure about this ” 
Mark Zukerberg

What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial world which is created for the user to experience the world in a digital way. Virtual Reality can be used in applications like gaming, video watching, cinema, education, mental training, military training & tests and much more it has many possibilities more than we can write here.

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Use of Virtual Reality

1. VR in Military
2.VR in Sport
3. VR in Mental Health
4. VR in Medical Training
5.VR in Education
6. VR in Fashion

Virtual Reality (VR) might be introduced in mostly Gaming centric industry but it has N number of possibilities to play around the other major industries of the world.


The options of VR and AR (Augmented Reality) are scoped by us only we can use it any where we want to.well here are five important business applications for VR that are in use right now

What is augmented reality ?

Augmented reality (AR) is an advanced version of an object that comes into reality whenever we are required to test it on something or in our surroundings.


Use of augmented reality

1.Medical Training
2. Retail
3. Repair & Maintenance
4. Design & Modeling
5. Business Logistics
6. Tourism Industry
7. Classroom Education
8. Field Service
9. Entertainment Properties
10. Public Safety