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Get Familiarized With the New Innovation- Virtual Reality (VR)

Acronym as VR, Virtual Reality is the human-developed or artificial environment crafted with the help of the software. It needs an extraordinary way to present it to the people. It is presented in such a way so that it suspends a belief along with the web of real environment.
In a computer, it can be experienced primarily via 2 of the 5 available senses- sound and sight. Even generally, people encounter with VR widely via these 2 mediums. This blog will let you about some interesting facts on most common spell VR. So, let’s get started

Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR)

Though it has a number of applications in every subject, its benefits also vary from subject-to-subject. Basically, its advantages are depended on its application and its significance in respect to that specific field. However, its overall benefits are discussed below for your reference:
  • Little/no risk
  • Enjoyable and innovative
  • Controlled/safe area
  • Most ideal to learn varied learning styles
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Simplifies the complicated situations and problems
  • Improves recall and retention
  • Can be performed effectively and remotely by saving money and time
  • Excellent for conferencing for promoting any service or product
  • Lon-distance training can be conducted properly by eradicating the trail-and-error method

Features of Virtual Reality (VR)

As the name suggests, Virtual Reality is all about enhancing the picture quality or to show you the same thing in a more advanced manner. This means it is the technology associated with the virtual world. It helps in watching the things more precisely and in detailed manner. Apart from showing up things, it possesses certain unique features. They are explained in the following:
Room-Scale or 3D visual effect: The best and unrivalled feature of VR is the 3D visual effect or Room-Scale. It allows in the extension of the barriers of your existence by making you available in the virtual world. It does so by eliminating the boundaries of the physical world and flags you in the digital world entirely.
The headset or watching goggles are designed in such a way that they detect the obstacles of real-world and eliminate it for allowing you to enjoy the show or movie by delving into it completely. It will make you realize that the things are happening in front of you.
In one word, you become the eye witness of the full scene. Though, you cannot move physically but locomotion feature is there to offer you the show from varied corners and angles and in varied locations and situations.
Inside-out tracking: Those days were really gone when people have to connect a number of wires to the main system to obtain proper connectivity. But the second generation VR really fixes this issue and introduces you with the wireless genre. Now you can enjoy the video sound in your headset without any wired connection.
Basically, these VR-equipped gadgets also coupled with externally-based outside-in tracking system. However, never consider that these gadgets or devices will cover very long distances as well because it can’t. These are only limited to some extent and specific area of coverage only.
Haptic feedback: It is much similar to that of a sense of touch that notifies the end user while using any smart devices equipped with VR specification. Certainly, in some smart gadgets you can find numerous existing VR controllers.
The main motto of this specification is whenever you use any switch for commanding any order to your gadget it will let you know about it regardless of its success or failure. Though in its initial days, several issues were found regarding this yet many companies have already been to work for restoring it.

Features of Virtual Reality (VR)

Within the shortest span of introduction, Virtual Reality has garnered a lot of reputation in this advanced technological era. Whether it is about media and entertainment or medical science, its impeccable features contribute a lot in transforming the way it has been useful for the people. Let’s understand this by going through some of its applications:
  • Several media companies have introduced Virtual Reality headsets for enhancing the augmentation in media. 3D cinema and latest video games are finest examples of it. It is widely used in theme parks for providing outstanding visual effects, short films, music videos, fine art, pornography and sporting events as well.
  • It works as therapeutic intervention in psychology and social sciences. It is an excellent tool to perform virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) {an exposure therapy type}. This helps in treating several anxiety disorders like phobias and post traumatic stress disorder (Ptsd).
  • Virtual Reality programs are reliable as rehabilitation procedure for Alzheimer’s disease too. Even it has proved to be effective in diagnosing neurological issues with cognitive deficits.
  • Virtual Reality portrays its efficaciousness in physical rehabilitation. With the help of simulated VR surgical environments, surgeries can be done with great success rate. Also the trainee will able to recognize and avoid the common errors. The application of VR in robotics is still under research and deep study.
  • It is used in other sectors effectively. It can acquire any purposes of training, education, health and safety. Be it bridge inspection, driver training, architectural design, primary education, astronaut training, military, flight simulators or miner training; Immersive VR engineering let you train perfectly and skillfully.
  • The world of fine arts also greatly benefitted from VR. With its introduction and popularity, now, it has permanently acquired a corner in every museum by its unique attractiveness.
  • It contributes much in the digital marketing world and comes as a new platform in eCommerce.
  • VR changes the regular path of education sector by promoting the interest, critical thinking ability, mental habits. It even enhances the knowledge acquisition, commitment of students which allow them to understand the academic context in much better and explicit way.
  • VR is helpful for developing a car’s model. After making the sketch of the model, VR assists in enhancing them allowing the engineer to understand more accurately about the exact measurement, placement for installation of features. Also the engineer can discuss about its look and style as well. It has an integral role in detecting any issue regarding a vehicle at the same time.
These are only a part of the vast sea of Virtual Reality (VR). Hope, you enjoy reading this! There are much more exciting facts about it you can come to know later.


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