Deep Communication &

Effective Marketing

in your business with our Extended Virtual Tour.

Imagine Your Audience

can see your business firm in 360°

View along with voiceover that speaks about firm features and benefits. One-touch communication is possible. It can be used on desktop, mobile and VR headsets via a web link.

Extended Virtual Tour

One file has multiple uses cases

The file can be used for training internal staff, marketing alternatives, events, public relations, electronic expos, trade fairs, and direct selling. Additionally, the file can be used as a professional website. It can also be joined on a mobile phone, desktop computer, and VR device by swiping website links.

it acts like a virtual salesperson for your business all you have to do, is show it to your target audience.

Response to an enquiry

These guided tours are designed to be both exciting and memorable for customers, providing an interactive and informative means of learning about a business center.

Virtual Meeting

By sharing your screen and providing a complete explanation of each element, the project can be better understood by all interested parties.

Trade Show

At the trade show, attendees can see and touch the immersive environment features and consult with the exhibitor on the features and benefits of the project.

Professional Website

That file can be used as a professional webpage.

Offline Marketing

It is easy to scan the QR code with their smartphone or tablet to access This can provide users with a deeper and more involved experience, and can assist them get a better understanding of a place or event being promoted.

Virtual Expo

This can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for attendees and help exhibitors better promote their offerings.

Internal Training & Marketing

The employees will be much better advisable to explain the upcoming venture to an audience.

Investor Meeting

improve understanding and decision-making, and can provide a more engaging and immersive experience for each participants

Integrated Marketing Communication

personal selling, direct selling, event marketing, and public relations efforts can help create a more cohesive and consistent message for potential customers and clients.

An extended virtual tour can transform your marketing communication into an immersive experience, making it an effective sales tool.

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Why you should work with Panopics360 ?

  • Panopics360 is a trusted and an experienced agency with Google Street View feature.
  • Have more than 15 years of experience in delivering best quality in photography.
  • Possess google trusted photographers like Mr. Hyderali, Member of International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.
  • One of the very few firms in India, offering such advanced technology of Extended Virtual Tour and Mixed Virtual Tour.
  • We pour all possible technology and hard work to create an immensely lively experience for your audience.